Change Management: Gaining Trust and Empowering Success

Change is hard—in life, and in business. As a result, 75% percent of change initiatives fail. So, what do companies who succeed in change management have in common? 

They start by understanding the “why” behind the change, including the impact it will bring to everyone it touches. And then they commit to putting in the hard work to make the change happen. To achieve this, they build a learning culture where leaders and employees have ownership of transformation. They manage, acknowledge and ease employee resistance to change. They acknowledge the issues that they have to overcome and create a path for success to take everyone on the journey safely. 

Change management is the art and science of leading an organization through substantial transformation. It requires boldness in the face of inevitable resistance and clear, measurable goals rooted in an articulate and thoughtful answer to the question: why change? Because when that question doesn’t have a good answer for the people change effects, the subsequent lack of buy-in inevitably leads to failure.