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Workspace Consulting

The space we work in has evolved to be recognized as a value-add and is directly tied to success with your business objectives and strategic goals. We align your business strategy and workspace goals to realize the potential of your people and maximize opportunity.

PPM is your first call. When you are in the early stages of reimagining the future of how your workspace is occupied — whether virtual or in office — we partner with you as an expert advisor to lead the development of business-driven, people-centric solutions. Because we are independent and unbiased, we are agnostic about the decisions made along the way as long as they meet your goals. Our success is based exclusively on your success.

Expert Advisors

We are your first call when you need to rethink your workplace. Our deep, diverse experience informs our approach as partners who are with you at every step to create a strategy that will achieve your business goals.

Business-Driven Solutions

We create solutions that realize new opportunities in improving business productivity, speed to market, and profitability. Our solutions enhance employee satisfaction and retention, turning your space into a profit enhancer, not a cost center.

Unbiased Approach

We pull together the right team for each client with a network of trusted vendors to deliver a personalized solution to meet your goals. We are independent and unbiased, measuring our success exclusively on our ability to meet your business objectives.

We offer a comprehensive list of consulting services, including:

  • Workspace strategy
    • Space utilization and optimization
    • Employee surveys 
    • Programming
  • Change management
  • Program/Project feasibility
  • Operations and sustainability

We are an entrepreneurial firm, nimble enough to meet the needs of any client with the resources and network of proven, trusted experts that drive meaningful business results.

Because your workspace should be a profit enhancer, not a cost center.