Quorum Review IRB


What we made happen
Quorum Review IRB, located in downtown Seattle, is an independent review board
dedicated to bringing life saving drugs and devices to the market safely and efficiently.
They have been growing substantially and needed to have a fast and cost effective
solution to keep up with their current staff space needs and position themselves for
significant growth.

Alliance Project Advisors entered the project at the end of lease negotiations to take
the vision of Quorum Review’s tenant occupied space to fruition within the tight
budget and time-constraints by working aggressively and efficiently, keeping lines of
communication open within the many parties involved and maintaining a focus on
tenant demands.

Managing a strong procurement process and working cooperatively with local vendors,
we were able to procure large cost saving contracts for the tenant
resulting in a 10% savings in construction, 50% savings in relocation costs, and a 60%
savings in cabling equaling approximately $60K in total savings, which more than
doubled the project management fees for this project.

In addition to the quantitative cost savings, APA executed a very fast project schedule,
which included expediting the permitting, diligently managing the construction schedule,
and phasing in early the furniture, IS and client procured items. Also, APA thoroughly
understand the lease documents to make sure the project wasn’t required to perform
additional landlord requests not required by code or the lease.

Within three months time, APA was able to expertly time manage moves, furniture
buyout, interior build-out/construction, and cabling all significantly below budget and
above expectations to allow for Quorum Review to have a seamless and more
importantly, on-time transition into their Class-A space.

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