Ross Dorn

Ross Dorn


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Ross Dorn

Ross joins Pacific as our Seattle Project Manager Director. He previously worked for Teague as the Director of Real Estate and Facilities Finance. Prior to that he worked at Providence/Swedish as the Regional Director of Real Estate and Construction. Ross has a substantial background in institutional real estate investments, particularly in acquisitions of office and industrial property. He has a depth of knowledge in the brokerage and construction market throughout the Seattle area and has worked in the corporate real estate industry managing brokers, vendors and consultants.

Ross has been notably recognized for playing a key role in acquiring over $2 billion of institutional real estate, from research and analytics to due diligence in team leadership. He has also managed a team of top-notch real estate and construction professionals through a challenging time during a merger of two fundamentally different healthcare organizations. He was able to successfully streamline internal business processes by approximately 40% in less than 18 months on the job, which freed up more time to allow the company to stay focused and concentrate on their strategic goals.

Ross continuously enables the greatness in people. He uses a wide variety of methods, tools and structures to allow his team to feel engaged and empowered to always do their best and incessantly feel valued for what they accomplish. Clients appreciate his honesty, confidentiality and clear communication style through all forms of information both good and bad. Ross believes service, trust, integrity, and leadership originates when you have honesty inherent in your demeanor and actions.

Outside of work, you can find Ross always finding something to troubleshoot and fix and that ranges from cars to boilers to boats. He is also an avid boater, who enjoys crabbing, fishing, and prawning in the San Juans and BC Canada.