Phinat Chau-Medina

Phinat Chau-Medina

Project Manager Lead

Office: 866.994.8877 x1

Core Competencies:

• Project Management
• Moves & Operational Support
• Commercial Office
• Tech
• Medical

Phinat Chau-Medina

Phinat is an energetic Project Manager Lead on our Move Management team. With a background in construction management for healthcare expansions, her experiences bring added precision and effectiveness to new and existing processes and procedures. In order to streamline daily communications for clients and the project team members, she creates and issues high level but comprehensive status reports that proactively address any issues that may arise. Clients appreciate this transparency which helps move projects along effectively and her team appreciates her clear and concise communication style. With her attention to detail, she also helped to create and support the rollout of new playbooks which were incorporated into client standard operating procedures.

Phinat is passionate about higher education and continuous learning as is evidenced by her tenacity in earning her communications degree while being a full-time working mom to two fantastic children.