Nick Houghton

Nick Houghton

Project Manager

Office: 866.994.8877 x1

Core Competencies:

• Project Management
• Construction Management
• Commercial Office
• Tech
• Medical
• Retail
• Mission Critical

Nick Houghton

Nick has a passion for precision and an eye for visual details. He developed these skills during a ten-year career in the construction industry, which benefits clients in his current role as Project Manager for a tech client with a large real estate portfolio. This experience allows Nick to build trust and add value to project teams because he understands the complexity of construction schedules, budgets and sub-contractor contracts.   

He adds value by drawing on his background which enables him to outline scope, schedule and budget before work is started, driving earlier decision making and in turn saving clients’ money. Coworkers and clients trust Nick’s ability to keep projects organized and drive them to successful completion.

Nick is an avid skateboarder who translated his passion into snowboarding. He’s currently perfecting his rodeo –  a tricky aerial maneuver.