Nai Saelee

Nai Saelee

Project Manager Lead

Office: 866.994.8877 x1

Core Competencies:

• Project Management
• Systems Furniture & Equipment
• Moves & Operational Support
• Commercial Office
• Tech

Nai Saelee

Nai is highly adept at process and structure. As Project Manager for office moves for an International Online Retail client, she adds value to each project by quickly establishing procedures and effectively managing issues that arise, which enables the team to focus on servicing clients. She excels at managing the move out & in of large teams and reconfiguring their work space within a single weekend. Clients appreciate her ability to establish effective standard operating procedures; some of which are still used by clients many years later.   Her communication style helps build trust, by delivering the news with optimism that reflects our company can-do attitude.

Nai is passionate about her heritage and was trained in Laotian dance by a traditional Lao instructor.