Nadine Tawil

Nadine Tawil

Assistant Project Manager

Office: 866.994.8877 x1

Core Competencies:

• Project Management
• Construction Management
• Systems Furniture & Equipment
• Moves & Operational Support
• Commercial Office
• Tech
• Medical

Nadine Tawil

Nadine is a passionate project manager and business analyst. She has expertise in project management, design and construction management, IT, SharePoint and creating workflow protocols.  As an Assistant Project Manager, Nadine managed up to 40 projects concurrently in the Americas while supporting SP and other IT needs. She is a strong leader and keeps communication direct and concise so vendor partner teams she manages can focus on driving projects to completion. Nadine adds value to clients by using her analytical skills to drive project schedules with maximum efficiency.

Nadine has an adventurous spirit and enjoys recounting adventures of her two-month Honeymoon where she and her husband bought a one-way ticket to South America.