John Siefken

John Siefken

Senior Project Manager

Office: 866.994.8877 x1

Core Competencies:

• Project Consulting
• Project Management
• Systems Furniture & Equipment
• Moves & Operational Support
• Commercial Office
• Tech

John Siefken

John is currently a Senior Project Manager leading a team of PMs who are responsible for new building launches and all moves for a large campus based client as well as coordinating all moves and launches for a large retailer’s sites across North and South America. John consistently creates quantifiable value during client projects.  He delivered a large scale project in 50% less time after his prominent Seattle based International merchandising client unexpectedly re- prioritized. In addition, he later realized over $1M in savings for his client after researching groups within the client company who could possibly re-use otherwise dispositioned furniture.  Throughout his project management career, John has been recognized for notable accomplishments including managing large scale migrations, moves of up to 12,000 people in less than 90 days as well as annually reducing over 1000 project work hours through project platform redesign.   These accomplishments follow a successful career in move logistics for the U.S. Navy and time with a large global Real Estate corporation.

John has an MBA in technology management from the University of Washington Foster School of Business and counts chickens among the various animals he has owned.