Systems, Furniture & Equipment Planning

Depending on the client’s internal resources to handle the spike in capital project systems, furniture and equipment planning and installation oversight, we have the ability and software to manage all of the SFE requirements. Our SFE PM’s will work with the client and design teams to understand the requirements early and develop an SFE planning, purchasing, installation and approval schedule.

Much like developing design documents, we start with concept place holders and as the client clarifies the intent we solidify the SFE specifications, product data and lists which get coordinated and integrated with the design documents. We will work with the client to properly procure the SFE in time to have it delivered, approved and tested as necessary to meet the clients requirements. At each phase of the planning, procurement and installation our team will proactively manage and oversee this process.

We have successfully provided this service for full hospital developments to office space tenant improvements, all scaled to the client’s specific needs.