Quorum Review

Quorum Review IRB – Corporate Relocation

Quorum Review, an independent pharmaceutical review company was in the process of rapid expansion and trying to convert their heavy document management process into a streamlined paperless workflow.

The challenge was understanding what the future space requirement would be for the new operating model and be flexible enough to make adjustments to a multi-phased, 4 year relocation within Seattle’s CBD.

Our team was hired for Phase I  just before the lease was signed but in time to help buy out the project and bring as much value as possible during the project installations.    Realizing that we had brought 3x our fee in savings, and expedited the schedule without dimensioning the scope or quality on Phase I, Quorum Review brought us in to Phase II & III well before negotiating the addition space and floor requirements.

We were able to build on our experience from Phase I, build and lead a strong team, and deliver the next phases with significant cost savings, and a very smooth project delivery.  With the project delivery risk being handled, Quorum Review was able to concentrate most of their efforts on managing their own change management with employee growth and operational improvements.

Quorum Review, Client

Unimark, Contractor

Marvin Yamaguchi, Architect