Halosource Office & Lab Relocation

Halosource makes a variety of water filters that are used throughout the world to help purify non drinkable water particularly in 3rd world countries.

The challenge was that the company was looking at growing significantly but needed to do it cost effectively and find a building that could support the lab infrastructure requirements it needed.  In addition, midway through the planning a new CEO was hired who shifted gears wanting the entire company to be on one floor in lieu of two as previously planned.

Our team was hired through a selection process and we immediately brought our combined  value of bench lab and commercial office experience to help guide the client and expertly  support the architect and the builder in properly planning, design, building and commissioning the space build-out.   When the change came, our focus never waivered and we shifted gears appropriately redirecting the team to make the changes in stride.

The resulting space turned out to be very functional for Halosource’s product development and testing, and as the CEO forecasted it improved the culture of the company.    It came in under budget, even with the shift in space, and it was delivered within an acceptable timeframe to Halosource.

Halosource, Client

Burgess Design, Architect

Pattison, Contractor