Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

 Yale Administrative Building Restack

The “Hutch” is a world renowned cancer research center located in Seattle, Washington.  But even this powerful and innovative institution was set back with the 07′ recession when gifts slowed and the federal government cut back on its grant funding.    All major building development came to a halt, yet in order to push forward the Hutch needed to grow their funding development teams and all operational support staffs needed to become more efficient within their spaces located within the six floors of the Yale Administrative Building.

The challenge was to convince the staffs at all levels that this was the right thing for the Hutch; that is could be done without impacting employee satisfaction or performance; phase the project in a way that created very little impacts to the occupants, with very little wiggle room to stage departments; and perform that work on a very tight budget.

Our team was up for the challenge.   We started by supporting the VP of operations in proving the feasibility and sequencing of the project to all department heads and the leadership of the Hutch.   Once convinced we oversaw the detailed programming and the continuous adjustments along the way to create minimal impacts for the occupants in a 17 phase in place restack that would take place over an 18 month duration.

The result was that Hutch improved their employee density by 30% in the areas re-configured; the new space created was more “open” with improved daylight and collaborative environments; it created flexibility in the furniture systems to allow for department nuisances; and the project was diligently managed to stay within the budget that was set from the very beginning.

FHCRC, Client

Burgess Design, Architect

COI, Furniture Programmer / Supplier

Lewis Builds, Contractor