Federal Reserve Bank

San Francisco Garden Court Renovation

We provided project management services to oversee the complete renovation and new waterproofing of the garden courtyard at 101 Market Street.  A complete landscape replacement was required in order to waterproof the exterior planting areas.  Several sustainability strategies were implemented which allowed the Bank to save on energy,  conserve natural resources,  recycling existing materials,  and purchase new Green products.

Reuse of mature trees saved money and lowered resource cost of harvesting and transporting new trees.  Energy conservation was achieved by use of low-voltage lighting.  Automatic timers allow lights to go on and off at preset times when needed.  Flower pots and benches were purchased from local sources and were made from recycled materials and certified re-growth forest products.

Measured savings for project totaled over $ 300,000 by recycling existing trees and roof top soils, purchasing from local vendors.  Continued savings will be realized due to energy/water conservation measures.

Sasaki Associates Inc, Architect

 Pankow  Construction, GC