DNV, an international wind energy company, was in the process of merging with another company, and at the same time was looking to move out of their existing cramped space into a space that would provide their teams a highly collaborative, flexible, and friendly environment for them work.  Their existing space was in an older building with the company located on 3 floors and office space in a different city.

During the final phase of design, DNV merged with another company, and it was a challenge to accommodate open work station areas for the current headcount requirements and the anticipated growth.   Change management was part of the office move as well with cubicle size decreases and some private office to open office moves.  In addition, all private offices were located next to the building core, but required a design approach that would allow for adequate day lighting and privacy at the same time.  The open office space was a combination of existing work stations in use or in storage supplemented by new components.  Phased tear downs/re-builds were accomplished without any temporary staff relocations.

The majority of the DNV staff are  engineers, planners and project managers, yet our team was hired because of  the construction and design experience our staff has.  Instead of a challenge it was a successful collaboration, and allowed DNV to concentrate on the changing operational and corporate environment.  Our team was brought in during the early design phase which allowed us to guide the client in decisions without cost impacts and accommodate the changes that occurred mid-stream.

The result was a space that combined teams previously located on 3 different floors and another city  into a single floor class A office space.  The outcome created synergy and improved operational efficiencies with the merge of three different organizations.


DNV, Client

Marvin Yamaguchi, Architect

Howard S Wright, Contractor

photos by Jeff Stockbine