Blue Nile

Blue Nile – Corporate Relocation

Blue Nile, an online retail jeweler, was looking to relocate their corporate head quarters and call center from a “standard” office space to a new hip space with character that reflected their culture and identity.

The challenge was that the space they wanted was in a combination of three merged buildings ranging in age, which was reflected by the variation of structure which ranged from wood post and beam to  massive concrete columns and thick structural slabs.    In addition to the structural hurdles the layout and flow of the spaces was a test fit challenge which made the estimating and scheduling sequencing a full team effort.     Couple these two with a schedule that mandated that the call center be fully functional in time for the holiday season.   The project was exciting!

Our team worked diligently with the landlord, contractor and architect to investigate and discover any obstacles that the existing building might contain.   With this we helped clearly define the baseline project costs and identify the risks, planning and contingencies that would be needed to keep the project focused and headed to the right outcomes for Blue Nile.

The result was that the project had it’s hurdles to overcome, but the team delivered a high quality space within the timeline that was needed to hit the holiday season and Blue Nile’s culture was refreshed in one of the oldest set of buildings in downtown Seattle.

Blue Nile, Client

Washington Partners, Tenant Broker

Nitze Stagen, Landlord

Marvin Yamaguchi, Architect

Gateway, Contractor